How To Grow Blueberries in Perth

Growing Blueberries in PerthDelicious, nutritious and surprisingly easy to grow, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give growing blueberries a try at home!

The attractive, small bell-shaped pink-white flowers are followed by a harvest of delicious blue-purple berries.


Blueberry bushes are shrubs that can reach up to 2m high, depending on the variety.  Varieties are semi-deciduous to deciduous.

Perth Conditions

In the Perth climate, Blueberries are best grown in part sun with protection from the hot afternoon sun and winds. Morning sun or a light dappled shade is ideal.

Soil Type

Blueberries like an acidic, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. We find they are easiest grown in pots using a potting mix suitable for acid loving plants, such as ‘Camellia & Azalea Potting Mix’. Pots also enable you to move them around your backyard to suit the season.


Blueberries are relatively shallow rooted and enjoy a cool root zone. A good layer of mulch kept clear from the trunk of the shrub, should be maintained throughout the warmer months to help maintain cool, moist soil.


Fertilise with a premium quality, mineral-rich controlled release fertiliser suitable for acid loving plants such as a ‘Camellia and Azalea’ blend. This should be applied in the spring and early autumn. Seasol can be used as a tonic throughout the year.


Prune at the beginning of autumn. Fruit is borne on the tips of the previous season’s growth. Remove any spindly or weak older growth to make way for new vigorous shoots in the spring.

Companion Planting

Blueberries are generally self-fertile but crops can improve when different varieties are planted nearby.

Blueberry Varieties

Varieties commonly available in Perth include:

  • Blue Rose – Produces large berries mid-season. Taller growing variety, up to 2m high. Prune well.
  • Burst – Australian bred compact variety growing to 1 m high. Produces very large fruit early in the season. Suitable for coastal areas as well as the general Perth area. Heavy cropper.
  • Climax – Medium sized fruit early in the season. Suitable for more coastal areas as well as the general Perth area.
  • Legacy – Produces medium sized fruit, mid-season. Suitable for coastal areas. Vigourous and upright growing.
  • Northland – Tolerant to extremes of heat and cold. Long harvest period from December – March.
  • Sunshine Blue – Compact growing variety producing high yields early in the season. Suitable for coastal areas as well as the general Perth area.

Please note that this is intended as general information only. Please ask one of our qualified horticulturists for more specific advice for your situation.

Why not try growing some Blueberries for yourself?