Great Features with Japanese Maples

We have a wonderful range of Dwarf and Standard Japanese Maples. There is a great choice of different leaf shapes, from the classic large Maple shape, through to fine, lacy leaves. Plus they come in a variety of foliage colours. The small Japanese Maples are excellent in pots in small courtyards and sheltered positions.

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Find a spot for scent

Syringa or English Lilac is famed for the heavenly scent of its spring flowers. There are several varieties of bare root English Lilac arriving this year. It is a cool climate tree and it does not like clay soil, but find the right spot and you will richly rewarded.

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Time to Feed Blueberries

Don’t forget to fertilise your blueberries. These acid loving plants need a special fertiliser that helps maintain the correct ph level  in the soil and provides the right nutrients. Your plant will stay healthy and produce a bountiful crop of blueberries.

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Bare Root Deciduous Trees now in store

Nothing beats the glorious spring flower of Prunus blireana or the autumn colour of Liquidambar. We have a fantastic range of deciduous ornamental and productive trees in stock and our bare root deciduous trees are arriving in store now. Just call or email us today to find out what in available as bagged or bare root stock.

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Get your hands on a Haws

The hugely popular and highly sought after Haws Watering Cans are finally back in stock. This UK company has been crafting superb quality garden products for more than 130 years. They have recently undergone a design and marketing change and their watering cans have been unobtainable. They have just arrived back in stock and limited styles and sizes are now available.

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Treat Scale Insects

If you see small lumps on the leaves or stems of plants and shrubs, you could have an infestation of scale. There are different types of hard and soft scale, but they can all be a pest. The best treatments are either with Eco Oil or Congard Insecticide.

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Available now, we usually sell out so get in quick to choose your favourite variety.


Get some delicious Seed Potatoes.