Grow a Citrus Explosion

If you want to experience the culinary joy of growing your own native limes, a new range of grafted finger limes makes this achievable in half the time. Grafted onto citrus stock, each variety has its own distinct features and flavour. They are healthy, vigorous and able to produce abundant crops of fruit from an early age.

Grafted Finger Limes

Give your bugs a holiday

Give your native bees and friendly pollinators a place to set up home. Insect hotels are an attractive way of bringing insect life into the garden and giving them a reason to stay. Habitat for these hard working critters can be limited in urban areas. These simple structures give the insects somewhere to take up residence and raise their young.

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Seed Potatoes in Stock

Whether its a Rodeo, Prince of Orange, Ranger Russet or Dutch Cream, we have an excellent range of seed potatoes back in stock. They all have distinctive characteristics suited to different uses and with various features. They are fun to grow and the flavour of home grown potatoes is exceptional.

Seed Potatoes

Wistful about Wisterias?

People fall in love with the flowers but get nervous about controlling their size. Amethyst Falls is the perfect compromise for those gardeners wistful about Wisterias. It is a compact variety with a prolific display of repeat flowers. Growing just 3m tall by 2m wide it can be grow on a frame in a pot or over a small support in the garden.


Amethyst Falls

Got clay? Get gypsum.

Gypsum is a naturally sourced soil conditioner; ideal for breaking up heavy clay soils that cake or crust. Regular use of gypsum will improve the structure of the soil, giving better drainage and aeration of garden beds and lawns. Clay soils become easier to manage and plant growth also improves. Work in well with organic matter and transform your sticky clay into beautiful garden soil.


Treat yourself to a day out

Why not enjoy the last days of autumn and treat yourself to a day out in Guildford? We would love to see you at the Garden Centre and we are happy to help you select just the right plant for your garden. We can also solve those pest and disease problems or treat yourself to a special garden gift.

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We have a fantastic range of giftware for every type of gardener.

From decorative pots to practical clogs, mirrors, homewares and herbs.


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