Colourful Cannas

Enjoy a blaze of exotic colour all year round with the stunning foliage and flowers of the Canna Tropicana. This easy-care plant has a winning combination of multi-hued leaves, crowned with brilliant tangerine orange flowers during Summer.

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The Gall of this Wasp!

Citrus across Perth are under attack from the Citrus Gall Wasp. It lays its eggs in the stems of citrus and bulges are produced in the branches. Now is the time to apply Vasili’s Citrus Guard White Spray (CGWS) to citrus before the Gall Wasp takes hold.

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Designer Greenery

If you are looking for a touch of class in the garden, look no further than the stunning Ligularia reniformis. This highly structural plant can be used to enhance a shaded, moist position in the garden or can be grown indoors in a bright spot out of direct sun.

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Nothing dull about this moth

The humbly named Moth Orchid is much more deserving of its botanical name Phalaenopsis. It is a highly decorative plant with lush flat green leaves that showcase the long-lasting colourful blooms in a single colour, spotted or striped.

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