Marvellous Maples

Maple trees are putting on their spring finery with beautiful foliage on display. These stunning trees are now available in many different varieties. They love a sheltered position protected from afternoon sun and hot dry winds. Perfect in a pot.

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Beat the Bindii

Lawns have enjoyed the winter rains...and so have the weeds! Now is the time to get weeds under control, especially the painful Bindii. Two applications of a selective herbicide before the prickle dries out will control Bindii and other weeds and make your lawn a summer delight.

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Trace plant deficienies

The current burst of spring growth has left some plants lacking in nutrients. It can be difficult to identify the specific deficiency and it can be a combination of several different elements. The application of a foliar trace element spray provides all the essentials.

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Munch on Macadamias

Macadamias are the gourmet treat of the nut world and nothing beats a home grown crop. Stock has been hard to get and we are thrilled that advanced macadamias are now in stock. A large evergreen tree, it makes an attractive shade tree in a spacious garden.

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