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Wistful for Wisterias

Wisterias are known for their stunning displays of flowers and heavenly scent. Standard Wisterias are the perfect way to have a Wisteria without a pergola to grow it on. Grafted at 1.8m, they are trained on a strong support pole and then allowed to then allowed to canopy out giving a weeping tree effect. They can be maintained as a feature tree in the garden. we have new Standard Wisterias just arrived in store.

Double Flowering Standard Wisteria

Time to Go Nuts

Now is the time to plant a bare root nut tree. Explore the wonderful world of Almonds, Chestnuts, Hazelnuts and Walnuts. They are attractive trees in the right location and reward with healthy crops of tasty nuts.

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Stone Fruit Trees

Nothing beats the taste of a sun-ripened piece of stone fruit picked from your own garden. Salivate over the thought of scrumptious peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, and hybrids like plumcots and peacharines. Bare root stock of many popular and unusual varieties is now availabe.

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Treat to Prevent Leaf Curl

Late winter is the perfect time to treat bare root stone fruit trees for the fungal disease ‘Leaf Curl’. The trees received one spray with Copper Oxychloride before they left the growers. As the buds start to swell, now is the time to apply a second spray to prevent the infection taking hold. Once the leaves have emerged it is too late to treat for Leaf Curl.


Copper Oxychloride

The Ever Reliable Pear

Ornamental pears are one of the best trees for Perth gardens. They are very hardy, tolerating heat and periods of dry. Most varieties will also cope with wet positions and heavy soils as well as variable soil pH. Some will even do well in coastal sites. They produce Spring flower but many are often grown for their lovely show of Autumn colour. A good range of these reliable performers is available at the moment as Bare Root stock.

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Full of Surprises

An exciting new release apple is the 'Magnus Summer Surprise'. This vibrant red apple cultivar developed in Tasmania has  gorgeous deep pink coloured flesh that resists browning when cut. The semi dwarf variety only gets to 2-3m and is perfect for a small garden. Bare Root stock and cross pollinators are now available.


Magnus Summer Surprise

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