Treat Thrip with Natrasoap

Adult and larval stages of thrip feed on flowers and foliage causing extensive damage. Roses have been badly affected this year across Perth. Insecticidal soaps such as Nature’s Way Natrasoap Pest Spray can be used to control this pest, however this needs to be reapplied fortnightly.

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On a Hibiscus high

Hibiscus shrubs are one of the unsung heroes of the garden. They are tough as old boots in the right position, feature lush green foliage, require little maintenance, and produce the most breathtaking display of flowers (some as big as a dinner plate!). What’s not to love about this plate.

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Lovely Luscious Loquats

Native to China and Japan, this attractive evergreen tree grows to 2 – 6m, depending on the variety. The trees produce clusters of soft, juicy, sweetly flavoured fruit. Good stocks of different varieties are now available including “Enormity” with large apricot coloured fruit in late summer, and “Chatsworth” with yellow skinned and white fleshed fruit.

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Chiming in 2021

Our ever-popular wind chimes are back in stock. Hand made in Queensland by the Tubular Bell and Chime Co., these beautiful wind chimes are hand tuned to different musical scales. Made from Western Red Cedar or Australian hard woods and powder coated aluminium, they are built to last.

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