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We are placing our orders for deciduous trees and now is the perfect time to think about new trees for your garden. Browse our website to see the range of ornamental and fruiting deciduous trees available and place your order now for 2020 delivery. Stock will arrive in June or July and will give you a breathtaking Spring show followed by attractive Summer foliage and fruit.

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Fragrant Frangipanis

Now is the time to select a frangipani as most of them are producing glorious displays of flowers. This iconic tropical tree bears clusters of colourful flowers during the warmer months from November to April. The flowers give off a heady fragrance that scents the night air in the garden or can be floated on water to perfume the house.

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Make a meal of mealy bug

If you have noticed a white cottony substance on your house plants, you could have an outbreak of mealy bug. This soft bodied sap sucking insect loves warm moist conditions and is a common problem inside at this time of the year. When they feed, they produce honeydew and this leads to sooty mould. There may even be a trail of ants looking for the sweet secretion from the mealy bug. Control the bug and the other problems will be sorted as well.

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Time to mulch

There is still a bit of Summer to go and we could still get some hot weather through February and March. Before you relax for Autumn, there are some important jobs to do in the garden.

Apply mulch to your garden to protect it from the strong summer sun. A 100mm layer of a free draining quality organic mulch, such as Dsatco Lupin Mulch or Triple C, will keep the soil moist and suppress weed growth in the garden.

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Be wise with water

We all appreciate that water is a precious resource and that we need to use it wisely. Make the most of the water you put on your garden through good soil preparation, reducing water repellent soil and proper mulching. If water is running off the soil, add a wetting agent and dig it through the garden. Ask us about ways to drought proof your garden and using water wisely.

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Soil matters

Good soil structure is vital for healthy plants  Baileys new soil improver, Soil Matters, is an all-in-one soil conditioner for amendment of sandy, hydrophobic soils. It contains Soil Solver kaolin clay, silts and rock minerals as well as mature compost to increase soil capacity to hold nutrients and water, and naturally improve soil fertility.

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From decorative pots to practical clogs, mirrors, homewares and herbs. Come in store today to view our range.


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