Grow Your Own Ice Cream

Who said ice cream doesn’t grow on trees? This unusual edible Ice Cream Bean Tree produces long seed pods with a creamy pulp that tastes just like vanilla ice cream. Yummo!

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Glorious Gardenias

The heady scent of Gardenia flowers drifting on a warm summer breeze is heavenly. Different varieties ranging from ground cover, Gardenia radicans, to small shrubs like Florida and large varieties, such as Professor Pucci, are all available.

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Climbing Plant Totems

Upwardly mobile plants need some kind of support. A coir totem is a stylish solution indoors. Available in different lengths or as extendable designs.

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Time to Decorate

We have just unpacked our latest shipment of pots, ornaments and homewares. The showroom is looking gorgeous with the latest arrivals on display.

Remember its not too early to start Christmas shopping.

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