Fabulous Japanese Maples

Coral Bark Maple

One of the many Japanese Maples heading across the Nullabor this year is Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’.  This interesting medium sized Maple has lovely delicate green leaves and striking coral-coloured stems. Autumn tones are a striking feature in vibrant golden, orange, red and bronze hues.

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Green Your Indoors

Our range of indoor plants is now available to purchase online! Breathe in... 2.. 3.. 4.. and out... The air feels fresher already...

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The Bare Necessities

If you've been thinking about starting that home orchard, or are looking to create a little more shade, now is the time to get your orders in for Bare-Rooted tree season! Orders wil be finalised soon, so don't delay!

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Yummo Pommelo

We have been chasing supplies of citrus and difficult to source varieties have just arrived. Put a Pommelo on your citrus list. They are similar to a grapefruit with sweeter flesh and slightly thicker skin. Why not try a tangy Tangelo? They are fairly easy to peel, soft flesh, extremely juicy and great colour in the fruit. Succulent Japanese Mandarins are another popular citrus variety now back in stock.

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