Treat Citrus Pests Now

Spring growth on citrus looks inviting to a range of insect pests. Citrus Gall Wasp is controlled with Vasili’s Citrus Guard White Spray. And CLM Traps help to control citrus leaf miner.

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A taste of the exotic

You may have seen a mysterious pink fruit in your local fruit and vegie store that resembles some kind of magical dragon’s egg. This is a Dragon Fruit and comes from a particular type of cactus. When the fruit is cut open, there is sweet tasting flesh, flecked with black seeds.

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Feeling peckish? Try Purslane

Purslane is a hardy herb plant that requires less water and soil nutrients and grows well in sunny climates. The plant grows up to 12-15 cm in height as a low-lying spread.

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Tempting Tasty Tomatoes

If you lust after a tomato that explodes with flower, try growing your own from the Heirloom Tomato range. Venture into the unusual with Siberian, Tigerella, Green Zebra or Pineapple tomato. You will be richly rewarded.

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An Abundance of Barrels


We have an abundance of half and full wine barrels available. They make excellent planters, particularly for citrus and other dwarf fruit trees. They can be used to decorate an alfresco area, as a feature in a garden or take pride of place in the veggie patch.

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Coast into summer colour

A simple way to dress up your outdoor dining area is to add a splash of colour to your tableware. The Thirstystone range of coasters is perfect. Designed by Melbourne artist, Anna Blatman, many designs features florals and birds in vibrant colours. Fun and functional in lots of different designs, they make a wonderful gift.

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Delicious, juicy blueberries are fun to pick and even better to eat!


Discover your new favourite Blueberry here