Sloggers Garden Boots now 15% off

All Sloggers Boots are now 15% off. Your feet will thank you after a lovely long day in the garden! Get your pair while stocks last. Contact us for available styles and sizes.

Sale does not include Clogs.

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20% off Picnicware

All picnic baskets and picnicware in The Outdoor Co's picnic range is now 20% off. It's time to grab a basket, pack a picnic, and make the most of this glorious weather! Contact us now to enquire about current stock.

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Wilting house plants? You could have gnats!

If you have noticed small black flying insects hovering around your house plants, you may have an infestation of fungus gnats. The adult lays hundreds of eggs in the soil and the larvae feed on the root system of the plant. You may get yellowing of the leaves, wilting and even a fatality or two. Eco Neem is an organic way to control this annoying insect.

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Wonderful Wisterias available

The Pink Japanese Wisteria is a popular form of this vigorous deciduous climber. Hanging racemes 50cm long with fragrant pink pea-like flowers are produced in early spring. Plant in full sun. Young plants can take up to 4-5 years to produce flowers. Advanced specimens now available.

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Make a meal of mealy bug

If you have noticed a white cottony substance on your house plants, you could have an outbreak of mealy bug. This soft bodied sap sucking insect loves warm moist conditions and is a common problem inside at this time of the year.

Yates Natrasoap is an effective treatment for mites, aphids, mealybug, whitefly and thrip on ornamentals, vegetables and fruit trees.

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Family Fun with Finska

Nothing brings the whole family together like some friendly competition! Great for picnics, weddings, parties, or just some fun in the backyard, Finska games are made from durable wood and made to last.

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Delicious, juicy blueberries are fun to pick and even better to eat!


Discover your new favourite Blueberry here