Odorable Daphne

Daphne is loved for its highly scented winter flowers. We have a range of these slow growing compact shrubs, that prefer a dappled light or morning sun position.

A particular favourite is the adorable Daphne odora, loved for its beautifully scented pink flowers. Limited stock is now available.

Cast Iron Relaxation

Nothing is more relaxing than a comfy sit in the garden. Now you can relax in style with a gliding garden bench. Unlike rocking benches, the motion is smooth and gentle. The solid cast iron construction has a long-wearing bronze powder coat finish and hand painted gold highlights. The benches are highly rust resistant and will provide many years of relaxed enjoyment in the garden.


Calling Clematis Fans

Clematis are renowned for their large, delightfully coloured flowers in many different varieties. They are one of the most beautiful climbers available. They are highly desirable plants but are only available at certain times of the year. We have scoured the country and found some gorgeous varieties and a few are now in store.

Bushfood for beginners

Australia is home to thousands of edible native plant species, yet few of them are grown in home gardens for consumption and use in cooking.

Local Tucker Bush expert, Mark Tucek, has just released his “Bushfood for Beginners” guide to help people start their bushfood journey in their own backyard.