Feijoa – Pineapple Guava


Feijoa sellowiana (syn. Acca sellowiana)  “Pineapple Guava”

Regular – 150mm pot

Semi-advanced – 200mm pot

Advanced – 25L bag



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An evergreen large shrub to small tree used as a culinary plant.

In autumn, it produces egg-sized green fruit with sweet, pineapple tasting flesh. The pulp has the appearance of guava, lending it it’s common name of pineapple guava. It is eaten in a similar manner to kiwifruit, scooping out the smooth flesh with a spoon to avoid the grittier texture closer to the skin.

As it is a tropical tree, plant in full to part sun in deep, free draining, organic rich soil with plenty of improvers of compost. Hardy once established.