Crepe Myrtle – Lipan


Lagerstroemia indica x L. fauriei “Lipan” 

25L bag

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A moderately slow growing tree with masses of medium lavender flowers in large terminal panicles produced on this seasons growth in summer. Lipan has a vase shaped habit often multi-stemmed and somewhat irregular. A tough tree best planted in full sun moist but well drained slightly acidic soil. Prepare soil with a good amount of organic matter and soil conditioner.

Height: 4m

Width: 3m

Growth Rate: Moderately slow

Foliage: Dark green leaves turning light orange to russet in autumn

Flowers: Lavender

Bark: Dark greenish-grey when young then exfoliating at around 3 years leaving a pale beige under-bark

Tolerances: Good to moderate drought and heat tolerance