Blueberry – Burst®


Vaccinium x Burst®

2 lt pot

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An Australian bred dwarf variety (growing to 1 m high by 0.75 m wide) produces an extremely large fruit from July to October (early season). The fruit can be harvested over several months and is suitable for growing in all areas of Perth given the right conditions. Very heavy cropper.

Grows best in a sunny but protected position with some shade from the hottest afternoon sun during summer. Needs an acidic soil (below pH 5.5) and is best grown in a pot using acidic potting mix such as Azalea and Camellia mix, or Greenlife Soil Co. Blueberry mix . Self Fertile but fruit set can improve when planted with other varieties. When planted with Kisses®, blueberries may be harvested for up to 8 months of the year.

For further growing information, see our factsheet.