How To Pre-Order Deciduous Trees in Perth

Weeping Japanese Maple “Dissectum Bronze”Many of the deciduous trees we love to grow in Perth are only available once a year – for a brief window in mid to late winter.

This is because it is only safe to transport them the long distance from where they are grown to us here in Perth when they are dormant.

Deciduous trees have an annual cycle of new foliage and blossom growth in spring, hardening growth off over summer, re-storing nutrients in autumn and dormancy in winter. It is as the trees re-store precious energy from their foliage in autumn that it begins to change colour and fall to the ground, signalling that the period of winter dormancy is beginning. During this period the tree is essentially asleep, expending very little energy. This is when it is safe to dig up the tree and bare-root it in preparation for transport.

Bare-rooted trees are dug from the earth and have their roots pruned in the process. The soil is removed from their roots and if travelling over the border into WA, they are treated with fungicides to allow them through quarantine. After being approved at quarantine they come to our nursery where they are sold as bare-rooted trees.

Ornamental Pear “Capital”Many trees sell out very fast, so it is best to pre-order these to ensure you get one when they arrive (lest you wait another whole year). These include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Acer - Globosum
  • Cherry – weeping
  • Cherry – flowering
  • Birches – weeping
  • Wisteria – Standard advanced
  • Catalpa
  • Liriodendrum
  • Parrotia
  • Syringia – English Lilac
  • Persimmon
  • Two-way (multi Graft) fruit trees

Some trees we only get on special request and do not normally get for general stock. These must be pre-ordered before orders close mid-late summer.

  • Three-way (multi graft) fruit trees
  • Berberis
  • Deutzia
  • Forsythia
  • Apricot - Weeping

Pre Ordering Deciduous Trees in Perth

Please note that this is intended as general information only. Please ask one of our qualified horticulturists for more specific advice for your situation.

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