Jambinu Zest – Tucker Bush


Chamelaucium ‘Jambinu Zest’ 

175mm pot

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Jambinu Zest is a type of Geraldton Wax, native to Western Australia. This bushfood herb gets its name from the Yamatji name for its home region and its strong citrus flavour. In the wild, you can find this species growing in sandy soils in woodland and heath regions in southwest WA.

Jambinu Zest is said to be the world’s best culinary Geraldton Wax, with its edible needle-like leaves and waxy flowers similar in flavour to a Lemon Myrtle. Developed especially for culinary purposes, it brings a tangy and pleasant, “uniquely Australian” characteristic to sauces, stocks, cakes, cocktails and botanical gin.

This variety typically flowers from Winter to Spring, producing masses of dark pink-crimson blooms on tall, thin stems. You can harvest these during the growing season, while also enjoying the Jambinu Zest leaves anytime throughout the year. Strip off the leaves and use them fresh and whole in your dishes, or sprinkle them on top as a garnish.

Jambinu Zest is an evergreen shrub, ideal for Mediterranean climates, preferring dry climates, sandy soils, and full-sun (or slight shade). It is a very heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant and water-wise bushfood species, though younger plants may need generous watering in their first eight weeks. For best culinary results from an established plant, we recommend a light mulch and fortnightly watering over the warmer months in non-humid regions.

This plant is suitable for pots and also makes an attractive feature shrub, gap filler, or edible hedge. Grows 1.5 x 2m.