HydroTonic Indoor Plant Spray by Sabrina Hahn


Hydro Tonic Indoor Plant Spray by Sabrina Hahn

750ml ready to use spray bottle


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HydroTonic Indoor Plant Spray is a 100% plant based liquid blend of amino acids, plant hormones and nutrients. Colourless, odourless and organic it’s the perfect tonic for your indoor plants.  This unique blend is absorbed into the pores on the surface of leaves and stimulates enzymes. This process accelerates the rate of photosynthesis and root development. HydroTonic encourages the movement of nutrients from the soil into the plant for improved, overall plant health. The results after 1 month speak for themselves.

Ingredients: Alkanolamines, plant growth hormones, molybdenum, amino acids, coconut oil, nonionic surfactants, plant-based fatty acids and organic alcohol in a base of colloidal micelles.

Part of the HydroSoil premium product range being brought to Western Australian gardeners by Sabrina Hahn. These products bring years of scientific research and knowledge to specifically address the unique demands of WA soils.