Grape – Dawn Seedless


Vitis vinifera “Dawn Seedless”

Regular – 140mm pot

Semi advanced – 200mm pot



  • All fields are required.

Easy to look after and hardy- just need a strong support. Vigorous deciduous climbing vine suitable for growing in almost all of Perth. Can be grown on a sturdy fence or over a pergola. Fruiting is improved with annual pruning. Prefers full sun.

An excellent grape, “Dawn Seedless” produces good yields of green grapes with a muscat flavour and superb storage qualities (1-10 days refrigerated).

Fruit: Medium, oval. Seedless.

Flesh: Firm, fleshy and tough. Muscat flavour.

Skin: Green to golden, thick and tough.

Fruit Maturity: Feb to mid March.

Pollination: Self fertile.