DSATCO Lawn Maximizer


35lt bag

Covers 15 square metres of lawn


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Lawn Maximiser is a composted lupin, canola and chicken manure mixture that repairs water repellent soils and saves water. Lawn Maximiser is an organic and environmentally friendly lawn fertilizer and soil builder that turns your lawn into a lush soft dark green lawn with better drought tolerance while cooling the soil. Lawn Maximizer is your complete lawn food having a balanced ratio of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, and trace minerals with all the beneficial microbial activity to make it the perfect top dressing for your lawn. Less nutrient is wasted on your lawn and less water is required because of the increased water holding capacity of the soil supporting your lawn, it holds the water which would normally either run off or soak right through.

Easy to spread over top of existing lawns or mixed into the soil prior to lawn roll out. Apply a 35L bag over 15m2 of lawn, about 2mm thick immediately after mowing, brush any lumps of product into the lawn and give a thorough watering. It is the consistency of sawdust and is best distributed by hand direct from the bag, then use a lawn rake even out any lumps.