Banana – Cavendish


Musa acuminata ‘Cavendish’ 

200mm pot

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The most popular cultivar of bananas, Cavendish is a medium sized banana with creamy, smooth texture and thin peel.

Bananas need fertile soils rich in organic matter, with plenty of potassium and nitrogen added. Mulch around the plant, and maintain soil moisture. Bananas prefer steady temperatures, disliking strong winds, extreme heat and cold, and being too exposed. Water regularly, and maintain humidity around the plant. Remove excess suckers from around the base (just leaving one or two strong pups) to increase fruit size and yield. Fertilise close to the trunk as bananas do not have large root systems.

Fruiting may begin after 9 months but can take longer. Once the fruit has been harvested, the mother plant will die, and the pups will grow up in it’s place.