Apple – Redlove® Dwarf


Malus ‘Luregust (LUB A10706)’ “Redlove®”

Requires cross pollination

25L Bag

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The result of a 20 year breeding program in Switzerland, the RedLove® apple is striking for it’s red skin and flesh. Burgundy foliage is complemented by a powerful pink spring blossom, making this an attractive garden specimen.

RedLove® is an easy to grow, dwarf variety, growing to 2.5m.

Fruit Size: Medium sized, round fruit.

Skin: Deep red.

Fruit: Tart, juicy and distinctively deep red fleshed. Firm and crisp with a slight berry flavour. Does not brown when cut or cooked.

Possible Pollinators: Granny Smith, Pink Lady.