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Angelica archangelica

100mm pots

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Commonly known as ‘Wild Celery’, Angelica is a traditional biennial herb with divided mid green leaves and greenish tiny flowers in umbels.  The leaves have a warm spicy celery flavour and can be used in cooking or as a natural medicinal tea. 

Angelica is also fantastic as a natural pest controller.  The large flower heads are highly attractive to beneficial insects that prey on pests in your garden.  Bees are also attracted to the nectar rich flower heads. 

Flower Colour: Greenish White

Flowering Time: Summer (in the second year of growth)

Position: Part to full shade. Tolerates moderate frost.

Height: 2 metres

Width: 1 metre

Care Tips: Angelica requires a constantly moist garden and thrives in quite low light conditions. Mulching in warm climates is essential to keep the soil cool and protect the roots. A regular feed of a liquid fertiliser such as Ecovital in Spring and Summer will help keep Angelica happy.

Caution: When using herbs for medicinal purposes please seek professional advice regarding potential interactions with other medications and correct procedures for safe preparation and use.