Ace Acers for colourful gardens

When you have the luxury of garden space and need a striking feature tree to fill it, Acer Rubrum “Fairview Flame” is the perfect choice. A contrasting Maple with striking colour that would suit a smaller garden is Acer negundo ‘Kellys Gold’.

Give your plants a leg up

Elevate your favourite foliage with a group of stylish legged planters. These pots allow you to place house plants wherever a collection of greenery is needed. They come in a range of materials with different patterns, colours and finishes available.



Surprise yourself with succulents

Brighten up those gloomy wintery days with a bright colourful Kalanchoe inside your home.  Many people don’t realise that these hardy, easy care long flowering succulents will do well indoors.


Time to Treat for Peach Leaf Curl

As deciduous stone fruit trees have lost their leaves,  now is the time to spray for a fungal disease called Peach Leaf Curl. If left untreated, this disease affects fruit production and can get worse and worse each year.