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Goji Berry Bush with fruit

How To Grow Goji Berries in Perth

Lycium barbarum Goji berries are a popular fruit that originate from Asia and are well known for their medicinal values. They are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, can be eaten fresh of dried, and are often used in Asian cuisine. They are a great contender for a back-yard fruit due to their versatility and…

Kensington Pride Mangos

How To Grow Mangos in Perth

Mangifera indica The mango is native to Southern Asia, especially Burma and eastern India.  The mango tree makes an excellent large specimen tree, providing year round shade.  They are erect and fast growing in ideal conditions. They are a long lived tree and can grow to 20m in height. Mangos are self fertile so a…

Papaya tree (paw paw) with lots of fruit

How to Grow Paw Paws in Perth

Carica papaya The Paw paw – also known as the papaya – is a fast growing small to medium tree that originates from South America. It is often cultivated as a garden tree due to its attractive shape, foliage and of course the delicious fruit it produces.  They grow in tropical and sub tropical areas…

Pomegranate Wonderful

How To Grow Pomegranates in Perth

The pomegranate tree grows to around 4m in height and is multi-stemmed, spiny and long lived. It is native to northern India and Iran and makes a hardy and attractive tree with its summer show of vibrant red flowers followed by large, round, red fruit. The versatile fruit can be used to make juice, preserves…

champion quince

How To Grow Quince in Perth

By Deryn Thorpe – this story appeared in Habitat in The West Australian on May 31 Each autumn a friends gives me a huge bag of quinces from her trees and I spend the next few days unsuccessfully considering ways of fitting a quince tree into my over-stuffed garden. There is space in most backyards…

Growing Water Lilies in Perth

How To Grow Water Lilies in Perth

Water lilies (Nymphaeaceae) are an aquatic plant adored for their large glossy floating leaves and multi petalled, colourful flowers. They originate from temperate and subtropical regions and adapt very well to Perth’s climatic conditions. We stock the ‘hardy’ species, which means the flower sits gently on the water surface, as opposed to raised above it…

Wisteria - Amethyst Falls

How To Grow Wisteria in Perth

By Deryn Thorpe – this story appeared in Habitat in The West Australian on June 14 I love wandering around bushland in late June and July when the vibrant purple flowers of Hardenbergia start scrambling through the undergrowth. Known colloquially as native wisteria, the plant is also a popular garden shrub or climber available in…


How to Manage Frost in Perth Gardens

In winter, gardeners in Perth’s hills and inland areas keep an eye out for frost which occurs when temperatures fall to 0 degrees C or below when the weather is calm and the ground moist. Most plants that originated in cool climates show no ill effects from a dusting of frosty ice crystals. However, we…

Weeping Japanese Maple “Dissectum Bronze”

How To Pre-Order Deciduous Trees in Perth

Many of the deciduous trees we love to grow in Perth are only available once a year – for a brief window in mid to late winter. This is because it is only safe to transport them the long distance from where they are grown to us here in Perth when they are dormant. Deciduous…


Just the Right Amount of Water

There is no denying that all plants need water. The vexed question is “How much water do they need?” Generally, the soil around the plant should be damp but not wet. The plant should have healthy new growth, be strong and upright with no signs of discolouration on the leaves. The symptoms of overwatering and…


Planting Citrus Trees in Perth

Citrus are a great fruit tree for any garden. They provide shade, shelter and delicious fruit. They are highly versatile, growing well in Perth’s conditions and there are varieties suitable for planting in the ground or in a pot. Preparing the soil Before planting, ensure the soil has been cultivated and improved. For guidelines on…


Planting Guide for Bagged Trees in Perth

Please note that this is intended as general information only. Please ask one of our qualified horticulturist for more specific advice for your situation. As the soil in Perth is very sandy and nutrient deficient, soil improver must be added when planting new trees. You may also need to add clay to improve water retention…