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A series of articles that provide guidance and tips on how to grow different plants, fruits and vegetables in Perth, WA.

Bare-rooted Tree Planting Guide for Perth

Bare-rooted Tree Planting Guide for Perth

Bare root tree season is an exciting time of year in Perth. For many gardeners, months of planning and preparation come to a climax as long anticipated specimens of deciduous trees and shrubs arrive.

Clematis Pink Champagne

Clematis: How To Grow it in Perth

Clematis are renowned for their large, delightfully coloured flowers in many different varieties. They are one of the most beautiful climbers available. Position Clematis originated in woodland conditions and so they will benefit from a sheltered aspect with a cool root run, where the stems can grow up into the sunlight. They will flower best…

Avocado Hass

Growing Avocados in Perth

Learn how to plant and maintain avocados in Perth conditions, this is a complete guide to soil, organic matter, mulch, wind/sun and fertilising.

Growing Potatoes in Perth

Growing Potatoes in Perth

Seed potatoes are easy to grow and they are absolutely delicious.

Rhubarb Ever Red

Growing Rhubarb in Perth

Learn how to grow Rhubarb in Perth’s sandy soils, using plenty of dug in organic matter to help it cope with the hot summer months.

Curry Leaf Tree

How To Grow A Curry Leaf Tree in Perth

Murraya koenigii The curry leaf tree is a large shrub to small tree which grows to 2 to 3 m in height. It originates from the tropical areas of India. The foliage has a strong pungent aroma and is highly desired for its flavour in Indian and Sri Lankan dishes. It is drought tolerant, very…

Artichoke - Green Globe

How to Grow Artichokes in Perth

Learn how to grow Artichoke, an unusual vegetable that can be surprisingly rewarding to grow in a Mediterranean climate like Perth.


How To Grow Asparagus in Perth

Learn how to grow Asparagus in Perth gardens, this is a complete guide to soil conditions, watering, fertilising and harvesting.

Growing Blueberries in Perth

How To Grow Blueberries in Perth

Learn how to select, plant and successfully grow delicious Blueberries in your backyard garden.


How To Grow Bromeliads in Perth

Bromeliads are fascinating ornamental plants which come from the tropical parts of America and are a member of the pineapple family; Bromeliaceae. They come in a brilliant range of sizes, shapes and colours. Their dominant feature is the brilliant foliage and flowers which give colour and texture to any display. This fact sheet looks at…

marge miller

How To Grow Camelias in Perth

By Deryn Thorpe – this story appeared in Habitat in The West Australian on June 7 Each June I look forward to the spectacular blooms of the sasanqua camellias which drop their petals to create colourful floral carpets beneath the shrubs. Sasanquas are the easiest camellias to grow in Perth and SWWA and have mostly…

Daphne - white flowers

How to Grow Daphne in Perth

Daphne odora Daphne odora is the most commonly grown Daphne in Australia. It is desired for its prolific show of dense, highly scented flowers in late winter to spring. They form a dense, low shrub of 1m and are a perfect accompaniment to a cottage garden or rockery. Daphnes prefer rich, well drained, slightly acid…

Goji Berry Bush with fruit

How To Grow Goji Berries in Perth

Learn how to select, plant and grow popular Goji Berries in your own garden, high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Kensington Pride Mangos

How To Grow Mangos in Perth

Mangifera indica The mango is native to Southern Asia, especially Burma and eastern India.  The mango tree makes an excellent large specimen tree, providing year round shade.  They are erect and fast growing in ideal conditions. They are a long lived tree and can grow to 20m in height. Mangos are self fertile so a…

Papaya tree (paw paw) with lots of fruit

How to Grow Paw Paws in Perth

The Paw paw – also known as the papaya – is a fast growing small to medium tree that originates from South America.It is often cultivated as a garden tree due to its attractive shape, foliage and of course the delicious fruit it produces. 

Pomegranate Wonderful

How To Grow Pomegranates in Perth

The pomegranate tree is a hardy and attractive tree with its summer show of vibrant red flowers followed by large, round, red fruit. It can be used as a feature plant, hedging or container specimen. Native to Northern India and Iran, it grows to around 4m and is deciduous, multi-stemmed, spiny and long lived. The…

Champion Quince

How To Grow Quince in Perth

Learn how to plant and grow beautiful Quinces in your Perth garden, one of the best small trees for a home garden.

Growing Water Lilies in Perth

How To Grow Water Lilies in Perth

Water lilies (Nymphaeaceae) are an aquatic plant adored for their large glossy floating leaves and multi petalled, colourful flowers. They originate from temperate and subtropical regions and adapt very well to Perth’s climatic conditions. We stock the ‘hardy’ species, which means the flower sits gently on the water surface, as opposed to raised above it…

Wisteria - Amethyst Falls

How To Grow Wisteria in Perth

By Deryn Thorpe – this story appeared in Habitat in The West Australian on June 14 I love wandering around bushland in late June and July when the vibrant purple flowers of Hardenbergia start scrambling through the undergrowth. Known colloquially as native wisteria, the plant is also a popular garden shrub or climber available in…


Planting Guide for Bagged Trees in Perth

Learn how to successfully plant out bagged trees to grow in Perth’s unique soil and weather conditions, including how much water and fertiliser to use.