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Lemon eureka

A Guide to Citrus Varieties in Perth

The trifecta of sweetly-scented white flowers, glowing edible fruits and glossy green leaves make citrus one of the best evergreen shrubs for West Australian gardens.

Autumn Colour

Autumn in Your Perth Garden

Autumn is a fantastic time to get out in the garden. The bite has gone out of the sun, there is an early morning chill in the air and you know that the garden has survived the extremes of summer. Garden jobs at this time of the year focus on repairs, maintenance and preparing for…

Bare-rooted Tree Planting Guide for Perth

Bare-rooted Tree Planting Guide for Perth

Bare root tree season is an exciting time of year in Perth. For many gardeners, months of planning and preparation come to a climax as long anticipated specimens of deciduous trees and shrubs arrive.

Clematis Pink Champagne

Clematis: How To Grow it in Perth

Clematis are renowned for their large, delightfully coloured flowers in many different varieties. They are arguable one of the most beautiful climbers available. Position Clematis originated in woodland conditions and so benefit from a sheltered aspect with a cool root run, where stems can grow up into the sunlight. They will flower best when receiving…


Drought Proofing Perth Soil

To reduce the watering requirements of your plants you need to look beyond the green stuff and down to the brown stuff. Drought tolerant soil is crumbly, well drained and biologically active with a decent layer of slowly decaying mulch. Improving the health of your soil means that you will use less water, save time…

20181030_091643 (2)

Fruit Fly Control in Perth

Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis captiata commonly known as Medfly) is a serious horticultural pest effecting home gardeners in the south west of WA.

Getting Started with Sweet Peas

Getting Started with Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are great fun to grow. The flowers provide a cheery splash of colour in winter and the scent can be heavenly. The new varieties of seed available mean that plants now come in all different sizes suitable for everything from a small pot on a balcony to a garden bed that runs the…

Avocado Hass

Growing Avocados in Perth

Once established avocados are easy to maintain and will provide loads of fruit every year – yum! They can reach up to 8m high in Perth but can be kept pruned to around 4 m high. This makes them an ideal evergreen tree for medium backyards. Grafted trees generally produce fruit within 2-3 years and…

Rhubarb Ever Red

Growing Rhubarb in Perth

Rhubarb likes a moist soil enriched with plenty of organic matter – dig in plenty of compost, well-rotted manure and make sure it is well mulched over summer (nutritious mulches like Lupin Mulch are ideal). Grow in part shade – morning sun or dappled shade is ideal, as it will not cope will the full…

Beautiful Green Bindii-free Lawn

How to Control Bindii (Jo Jo) Weed in Perth Lawns

There is one weed that I would not hesitate to use herbicide on – Bindii (or Jo Jo) weed. This is one of the worst weeds of lawns as it has tiny needle-sharp seeds.

Chilean Guava Ugni molinae

How to Control Nematodes in Perth

Root knot nematode abounds in sandy, unimproved soil, like we have in much of Perth and south west Western Australia. It is a parasite that is the bane of gardeners all over the world.

Curry Leaf Tree

How To Grow A Curry Leaf Tree in Perth

Murraya koenigii The curry leaf tree is a large shrub to small tree which grows to 2 to 3 m in height. It originates from the tropical areas of India. The foliage has a strong pungent aroma and is highly desired for its flavour in Indian and Sri Lankan dishes. It is drought tolerant, very…

Artichoke - Green Globe

How to Grow Artichokes in Perth

By Deryn Thorpe. This story first appeared in Habitat in the West Australian. Globe artichokes (Cynara scolymus) are ornamental perennial thistles from the Mediterranean which produce edible buds eaten as a vegetable. Plants are part of the daisy family and are statuesque; growing from 1.2m to 2m tall in sunny garden beds.  You can plant…


How To Grow Asparagus in Perth

Modern asparagus is derived from Asparagus officinalis. Native to Europe, it originally grew in coastal sand dunes. Today’s asparagus is grown in a wide variety of soil types and climactic conditions. Asparagus is a herbaceous perennial plant that can live and produce for many years. Each winter, the foliage dies down. The crown and roots…

Bare rooted trees

How To Grow Bare Rooted Trees in Perth

By Deryn Thorpe This story first appeared in Habitat in The West Australian on June 21 After attending a talk recently on bare rooted deciduous trees, I’m totally convinced that these are the best and most economical way for gardeners to add new trees during Perth’s winter. You can buy most deciduous trees, including ornamental…

Growing Blueberries in Perth

How To Grow Blueberries in Perth

Delicious, nutritious and surprisingly easy to grow, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give growing blueberries a try at home! The attractive, small bell-shaped pink-white flowers are followed by a harvest of delicious blue-purple berries. Height Blueberry bushes are shrubs that can reach up to 2m high, depending on the variety.  Varieties are semi-deciduous…


How To Grow Bromeliads in Perth

Bromeliads are fascinating ornamental plants which come from the tropical parts of America and are a member of the pineapple family; Bromeliaceae. They come in a brilliant range of sizes, shapes and colours. Their dominant feature is the brilliant foliage and flowers which give colour and texture to any display. This fact sheet looks at…

marge miller

How To Grow Camelias in Perth

By Deryn Thorpe – this story appeared in Habitat in The West Australian on June 7 Each June I look forward to the spectacular blooms of the sasanqua camellias which drop their petals to create colourful floral carpets beneath the shrubs. Sasanquas are the easiest camellias to grow in Perth and SWWA and have mostly…

Daphne - white flowers

How to Grow Daphne in Perth

Daphne odora Daphne odora is the most commonly grown Daphne in Australia. It is desired for its prolific show of dense, highly scented flowers in late winter to spring. They form a dense, low shrub of 1m and are a perfect accompaniment to a cottage garden or rockery. Daphnes prefer rich, well drained, slightly acid…

Dwarf fruit

How to Grow Dwarf Fruit Trees in Perth

By Deryn Thorpe Over the last few years Perth has seen a revolution in fruit trees as an increasing number of citrus, stone fruits and pome fruits have been bred to be compact. The trend is of course to support our move to bigger houses on smaller blocks which leaves little space for a home…