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Autumn Colour

Autumn in Your Perth Garden

Learn what to do in your Perth garden in Autumn, a complete guide to pruning, lopping, feeding and mulching, repotting and more.


Bagged Trees Planting Guide for Perth

Learn how to successfully plant out bagged trees to grow in Perth’s unique soil and weather conditions, including how much water and fertiliser to use.

bare root trees 1

Bare Root Trees FAQs

For many customers, buying a Bare Root Tree is a new experience. Here is our list of the most common questions we get asked about Bare Root Trees. What is a Bare Root Tree?These are specially growth varieties of deciduous trees that can be transported without soil when they are dormant. They come in without…

BR_PlantingGuide 1side

Bare-rooted Tree Planting Guide for Perth

Bare root tree season is an exciting time of year in Perth. For many gardeners, months of planning and preparation come to a climax as long anticipated specimens of deciduous trees and shrubs arrive.

Eureka Lemon Tree

Citrus Varieties for Perth Gardens

Citrus trees come in all shapes and sizes, grow well in our Mediterranean climate and provide rich rewards with their delicious fruit, highly scented flowers and glassy green leaves. They are easy to look after given the right location and a bit of care.


Drought Proofing Perth Soil

This short guide teaches you how to drought proof Perth’s unique soils (sandy and clay). Learn about organic matter, mulch and how to avoid problems such as fungal growth.

Dwarf fruit

Dwarf Fruit Trees for Perth gardens

Learn how to grow dwarf fruit trees in your Perth garden, including plums, nectarines, peaches, apricots, lemons and apples.

Sweatpea Bijou 1

Getting Started with Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are great fun to grow. The flowers provide a cheery splash of colour in winter and the scent can be heavenly. The new varieties available mean that plants come in all different sizes.  There is bound to be one suitable for everything from a small pot on a balcony to a garden bed…


How to Control Ants

There are many different species of ant that can become a pest around the home and in the garden. They can set up extensive nests which undermine paving, eat fruit and damage plants. Their trails are often visible on pathways and they can quickly invade the house. There are several steps which can be taken…

How to Control Aphids

There are many different species of aphid, and they will attack just about any type of plant. This sap sucking insect likes to feed on the tender green shoots of plants and they reproduce very quickly in favourable conditions. They have soft pear-shaped 1-2mm long bodies and the adults may have wings. They can migrate…

Beautiful Green Bindii-free Lawn

How to Control Bindii (Jo Jo) Weed in Perth Lawns

There is one weed that I would not hesitate to use herbicide on – Bindii (or Jo Jo) weed. This is one of the worst weeds of lawns as it has tiny needle-sharp seeds.

How to Control Cabbage Moths, Butterflies and Caterpillars

Home grown brassicas such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, Brussel sprouts, Savoy cabbage, kohlrabi, rocket and mustard greens are a popular choice in any vegetable garden. They are delicious eaten fresh from the garden – for both humans and pests! Just when the plants are at their most delectable, the brassica loving cabbage moths and…

Chilli Thrip

How to Control Chilli Thrip in Perth

Learn how to control chilli thrip in Perth and Western Australian conditions, including pruning, insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils and systemic insecticide.

How to Control Citrus Gall Wasp

Have you noticed strange lumps appearing on the branches of your citrus trees? This is usually a tell-tale sign of Citrus Gall Wasp. This is an Australian native insect from NSW and Queensland that affects all citrus. It is now an established pest in some Perth suburbs. The adult wasp lays its eggs inside the…

How to Control Crickets and Grasshoppers

Lush new growth and new plants in the garden provide a tasty smorgasbord for hordes of crickets and grasshoppers. They feed mostly at night and are very good at hiding in the garden. The first thing to do is to try and identify the pest. This means going into the garden at night with a…

20181030_091643 (2)

How to Control Fruit Fly in Perth

Learn how to control fruit fly in Perth and Western Australian conditions, this guide covers options such as baiting, trapping and netting.

How To Control Fungus Gnats

The annoying flying insects that are seen buzzing around indoor plants are called Fungus Gnats. These insects are small flies that infest soil, potting mix, and other decomposing organic material. They are not strong fliers and often emerge after watering. The adult lays its eggs in moist organic material near the surface of the soil.…

Mealy Bug Damage

How to Control Mealy Bug in Perth

Learn how to control mealy bug in Perth and Western Australian conditions, including identification, treatment and prevention.

psyllid 1

How to Control Psyllids in Perth

Learn how to control psyllids in Perth and Western Australia, including pruning, insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils and systemic insecticide.

RKN pumpkin roots

How to Control Root Knot Nematodes

Learn how to control root knot nematodes in Perth gardens, which can abound in sandy unimproved soils.

How To Control Snails and Slugs

One of the most common pests in the garden are slugs and snail. They appear when the weather is mild and damp and can consume a row of newly planted seedlings in one go. There are many ways to control these pests, ranging from encouraging natural predators to using pellets. It may be a case…


How to Control Spider Mite indoors and out

Learn how to control spider mite on indoor plants and in the garden., plus tips for prevention.

apple lady williams

How to Grow Apples in Perth

Apples are a perfect tree for any size home garden. These old-fashioned staples are both pretty and practical. For many, they evoke a nostalgic feel of homegrown simplicity. There are plenty of varieties available, from the crunchy red flesh of ‘Crimson Crisp’ to the traditional cooking apple ‘Granny Smith’. All apples require a ‘cross pollinator’…

Artichoke - Green Globe

How to Grow Artichokes in Perth

Learn how to grow Artichoke, an unusual vegetable that can be surprisingly rewarding to grow in a Mediterranean climate like Perth.


How To Grow Asparagus in Perth

Learn how to grow Asparagus in Perth gardens, this is a complete guide to soil conditions, watering, fertilising and harvesting.

Avocado Reed

How to Grow Avocados in Perth

Learn how to plant and maintain avocados in Perth conditions, this is a complete guide to soil, organic matter, mulch, wind/sun and fertilising.

Growing Blueberries in Perth

How To Grow Blueberries in Perth

Learn how to select, plant and successfully grow delicious Blueberries in your backyard garden.


How To Grow Bromeliads in Perth

Bromeliads are fascinating ornamental plants which come from the tropical parts of America and are a member of the pineapple family; Bromeliaceae. They come in a brilliant range of sizes, shapes and colours. Their dominant feature is the dazzling foliage and flowers which give colour and texture to any display. This fact sheet looks at…

marge miller

How To Grow Camellias in Perth

Camellias are renowned for their beautiful glossy green foliage and the spectacular show of blooms that brighten up any garden from autumn to spring. Established with well-prepared soil and in the right location, Camellias are hardy and easy to look after. Camellia sasanqua and Camellia japonica are the two varieties best suited to the Perth…

Harvard Blood Orange

How to Grow Citrus Trees in Perth

Learn how to plant out citrus trees in Perth, including soil preparations, fertilising, watering and pruning.


How To Grow Clematis in Perth

Clematis are renowned for their large, delightfully coloured flowers in many different varieties. They are one of the most beautiful climbers available. Position Clematis originated in woodland conditions and so they will benefit from a sheltered aspect with a cool root run, where the stems can grow up into the sunlight. They will flower best…

Curry Leaf Tree

How To Grow Curry Leaf Trees in Perth

Murraya koenigii The curry leaf tree is a large shrub to small tree, which grows to 2 to 3 m in height. It originates from the tropical areas of India. The foliage has a strong pungent aroma and is highly desired for its flavour in Indian and Sri Lankan dishes. It is drought tolerant, very…

Daphne - white flowers

How to Grow Daphne in Perth

Daphne odora Daphne is highly prized for its prolific show of dense, deliciously fragrant flowers in late winter to spring. Daphne odora is the most commonly grown Daphne in Australia. It forms a dense, low shrub of 1m with thick leathery dark green leaves. It can be shaped or hedged, is a perfect accompaniment to…


How To Grow Dragon Fruit in Perth

You may have seen a mysterious pink fruit in your local fruit and vegie store that resembles some kind of magical dragon’s egg. It is called a Dragon Fruit but it is not laid by dragons or eaten by dragons. It is, in fact, the exotic fruit from a particular type of cactus called a…

How to Grow Garlic from Bulbs

The distinctive aroma that is released when a clove of garlic is crushed is unmistakable. Garlic is a highly prized health food that has been grown for thousands of years for its culinary and medicinal properties. It is easy to grow and has many different uses and benefits. It is a very versatile ingredient, excellent…

Goji Berry Bush with fruit

How To Grow Goji Berries in Perth

Learn how to select, plant and grow popular Goji Berries in your own garden, high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

How to Grow Indoor Plants

Growing plants indoors provides fantastic physical and mental health benefits for people, plus all that greenery inside  looks great! Plants have been proven to remove air-borne toxins created by paints, furniture finishes and air pollution. Just one or two plants start to increase air quality significantly in a space and 10 or more plants provide…

Kensington Pride Mangos

How To Grow Mangoes in Perth

Mangifera indica The mango is native to Southern Asia, especially Burma and eastern India.  The mango tree makes an excellent large specimen tree, providing year round shade.  They are erect and fast growing in ideal conditions. They are a long lived tree and can grow to 20m in height. Most can be managed at 3-7m…

Papaya tree (paw paw) with lots of fruit

How to Grow Paw Paws in Perth

The Paw paw – also known as the papaya – is a fast growing small to medium tree that originates from South America.It is often cultivated as a garden tree due to its attractive shape, foliage and of course the delicious fruit it produces. 


How To Grow Pomegranates in Perth

The pomegranate tree is a hardy and attractive tree with its summer show of vibrant red flowers followed by large, round, red fruit. It can be used as a feature plant, hedging or container specimen. Native to Northern India and Iran, it grows to around 4m and is deciduous, multi-stemmed, spiny and long lived. The…

Seed potatoes

How to Grow Potatoes in Perth

Seed potatoes are easy to grow and they are absolutely delicious.

Champion Quince

How To Grow Quince in Perth

Learn how to plant and grow beautiful Quinces in your Perth garden, one of the best small trees for a home garden.

Rhubarb Ever Red

How to Grow Rhubarb in Perth

Learn how to grow Rhubarb in Perth’s sandy soils, using plenty of dug in organic matter to help it cope with the hot summer months.

Growing Water Lilies in Perth

How To Grow Water Lilies in Perth

Water lilies (Nymphaeaceae) are an aquatic plant adored for their large glossy floating leaves and multi petalled, colourful flowers. They originate from temperate and subtropical regions and adapt very well to Perth’s climatic conditions. We stock the ‘hardy’ species, which means the flower sits gently on the water surface, as opposed to raised above it…

Wisteria - Amethyst Falls

How To Grow Wisteria in Perth

Wisteria is a very popular ornamental climber, which is covered in glorious racemes of scented flowers in spring. The most commonly grown vines are Chinese Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) or Japanese Wisteria (Wisteria floribunda). These are all deciduous and grow vigorously in spring/summer. Wisteria needs a strong support and provides excellent summer shade when grown over…

How to Identify and Treat Black Sooty Mould

If you notice black dust that looks like soot covering the plant’s leaves, stems and twigs, this is probably Black Sooty Mould (not poor housekeeping!).  This black substance is a fungus that grows on the sweet honeydew secreted by insects such as aphids, scale, mealybugs and white flies. It can appear on any plant inside or…

How to Manage Frost in Perth Gardens

In winter, gardeners in Perth’s hills and inland areas need to keep an eye out for frost. This occurs when temperatures fall to 0 degrees C or below, when the weather is calm and the ground moist. Most plants that originated in cool climates show no ill effects from a dusting of frosty ice crystals.…

leaf curl

How to Treat Peach Leaf Curl

Autumn has arrived and stone fruit trees such as peaches, nectarines, apricots are starting to lose their leaves. This is the time to spray for Peach Leaf Curl. If left untreated, this disease affects fruit production and can get worse and worse each year. Leaves with leaf curl appear thick and lumpy, can change colour…

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Just the Right Amount of Water

Learn how much water to use for your plants – not too much, not too little. Under-watering and over-watering are both problems you want to avoid.

leucadendron 1

Luscious Leucadendrons

Leucahdendrons are perfect for Perth. Colorful, hardy and low maintenance they are the perfect feature plant in the garden.