Take Time in the Garden

soil_nutrientsThere are all kinds of fantastic reasons to get out and spend time in the garden. The tasks sometimes seen as drudgery, like digging, weeding, pruning and mulching, are an ideal workout.

You could burn up about 300 calories in just an afternoon. That means you could reward yourself with a Tim Tam with your cup of tea as you sit back to admire your handiwork.

Getting your hands dirty working in the garden can calm your mind and make you feel renewed. It can be good therapy after a hard or stressful week and give a wonderful sense of achievement.

One of the things I love about getting into the garden is that it helps me to see what is happening to the plants. Often people come into the nursery with a piece of a plant that has sooty mould or leaf curl. I try to explain to them that this can be just a symptom of a much bigger problem in their garden.

Yes, it is possible to treat the symptom but it won’t cure the underlying problem and it could recur or something worse could develop. To fix it, they need to be aware of what is stressing the plant or causing the problem.

That’s why I like to take time to look at the garden. Wandering around with a cup of tea or, better yet, a glass of wine, and taking time to really look at what is happening helps you see a small trail of ants climbing up a plant looking for the nectar produced by other insects.

Or you notice plants that are wilting and need remulching or the reticulation checked. Perhaps some plants are getting wind or sun burnt and could do with some extra TLC over summer.

You might notice that a plant has grown too big for a space and needs to be cut back and transplanted. A plant may show signs of a fungal infection and this could spread to other plants if it is not treated.

At the same time as looking at the condition of plants, you get the chance to delight in the overall look of the garden. There is an opportunity to see new focal points where you could add a feature piece and create a new view. Or add a seat in a private secluded spot to form a tranquil contemplation garden.

Gardens are to be admired, appreciated and enjoyed ….and that takes a bit of time. So, use the excuse of inspecting the plants and take a stroll in the garden. Both you and it will reap the benefits.