Trees for Pots

We deliver plants/trees to Perth Metro (20km from CBD). Read our Ordering and Delivery information for non metro WA and metro Australian deliveries.

Apple Anna Super Dwarf
Apple Dorset Gold Super Dwarf
Apple 'Gala' Dwarf
Apple Gala Super Dwarf
Apple Golden Delicious Super Dwarf
Apple 'Granny Smith' Dwarf
Apple Jonathon Super Dwarf
Apple Lady Williams Super Dwarf
Apple "Red Fuji" Dwarf
Apple Red Fuji Super Dwarf
Apple Sundowner Super Dwarf
Apricot 'Storeys' Dwarf
morello cherry
Cherry Trixzie - Black Cherree
Cherry Trixzie - White Cherree
Lagerstroemia Coral Magic
Lagerstroemia Plum Magic
Lagerstroemia Purple Magic
Lemon - Lemon Heaven
Lemon eureka
Growing Lots of Lemons in Perth
Lemon eureka
Japanese Maple - Acer "Sango Kaku"
Nectarine "Goldmine"
Guildford Town Garden Centre Logo
Leng Navel
Leng Navel
Pear Corella
Plum "Elephant Heart" Dwarf
Dwarf Plumcot Spring Satin, Fruit Pictured
Pomegranate Flore Pleno
Weeping Crepe Myrtle - New Orleans
Weeping Japanese Maple “Dissectum Bronze”