Articles & Factsheets

General information for improving your soil and establishing plants in Perth.

Autumn in The Garden
A simple guide to garden jobs to do during Autumn

Bare-rooted Tree Planting Guide for Perth
Information on the transport, care and planting of your new bare-rooted tree.

Controlling Fruit Fly
Read up on the life cycle and needs of this pesky insect to help combat it.

Deciduous Trees
Find out about the bare root tree process and how to order your deciduous trees for 2019.

Drought Proofing and Improving Your Perth Soil
To reduce the watering requirements of your plants you need to look beyond the green stuff and down to the brown stuff. That’s where the key to a healthy, drought tolerant garden lies. Click here for more…

Just the Right Amount of Water
Getting the watering right in the garden can be a real challenge. Here are a few simple tips on how to get it just right.

Planting Guide for Bagged Trees in Perth
The correct way to planting trees in summer can seem overwhelming at first. Read our planting guide for a easy step by step way to guarantee success! This also applies to planting other plants such as shrubs and perennials. Click here for more…

Plant Factsheets:

Information on the specific growing conditions, soil preparation, care and maintenance of particular plants:

Edible Plants:




Goji Berries


Ornamental Plants:




Sweet Peas

Water lilies