Weeping Mulberry


Morus alba “Pendula”

Tall – Grafted at 1.8m – 45L bag

Short (Perfect for pots!) – Grafted at 1.2m -35L bag

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A hardy weeper with long pendulous branches cloaked with large, glossy leaves. Produces small but tasty edible mulberries mid summer. Benefits from annual pruning to establish a good framework of branches. One of the best weeping trees for the Perth area.  Plant in full sun or part shade.

Height: 4m (plus graft height)

Width: 4m

Growth Rate: Moderate

Foliage: Large glossy bright green leaves with a serrated edge. Yellow tones during autumn

Flower: Insignificant

Bark: Thin, dark brown to grey

Tolerances: Adaptable to a range of conditions. Tolerant of dry and coastal conditions and soils of varied pH values.