Cherry – Weeping – Snow Fountains®


Prunus “Snofozam” “Snow Fountains®”

Tall – Grafted at 1.8 m

Short – Grafted at 1.2 m

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Spectacular weeping cherry becoming adorned in delicate flowers during spring. Not recommended for Perth’s Swan coastal plain due to too low a chill for good flowering, suited to Perth hills and south of Perth. May burn in hot exposed positions. Tall standard is grafted at 1.8m and short is grafted at 1.2m.

Height: 1.5m (plus graft height)

Width: 2.5m

Growth Rate: Slow to moderate

Foliage: Dark green serrated leaves. Can produce good autumn colour in oranges and reds

Flower: Single white flowers in spring

Bark: Shiny brown