Troforte® Liquid Plant Feed


Troforte Liquid Plant Food

1.2L concentrate – makes up to 720L


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Troforte Liquid Plant Food is revolutionary liquid fertiliser that delivers for up to three months. Its rain-fast formula adheres to the foliage and acts as a foliar fertiliser as well as being absorbed through the plant’s root system.

It works when applied to the leaves and soil around the base of the plant by triggering the plant to produce more carbon rich organic food, using energy from sunlight, in the forms of sugars, that the plant transports to its root zone. These sugars are a vital food source for the microbes in the soil (microbes provided by Troforte® granular fertiliser) and in turn these microbes exchange vital nutrients for these sugars and therefore ensuring the plant can take up an optimum amount of balanced nutrients. Once it reaches the soil Troforte® Liquid Plant Food forms an almost invisible gel that fixes to the soil and holds unused nutrients. This nutrient rich gel does not leach into the soil and only releases the nutrients it holds by the microbial degradation. The action of Troforte® Liquid Plant Food on the plant also ensures that the microbe populations in the root zone will flourish. This means better plants, better and more nutrient rich fruit and veggies and healthier, hardier plants overall.

Can be applied on the leaves and around the base of the plant and becomes Rain Fast within 2 hours of application and its performance is unaffected by rain or reticulation water.

Troforte® Liquid Plant food is Non-burning, low odour, river and reef safe and safe for natives.

Troforte® Liquid Plant food is available in a handy 1.2 litre bottle of super-concentrated plant food. One bottle will make up to a whopping 720 litres of amazing plant food for your whole garden! Troforte® Liquid Plant food is proudly Aussie Made for Aussie conditions, not a generic liquid fertiliser that is sold all over the world.