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Tonic – Seaweed Plus – Hort With Heart

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Seaweed Plus by Sabrina Hahn

1 lt Concentrate


In stock

A powerful concentration of plant hormones for accelerated growth. Seaweed Plus is derived from pulped sargassum kelp. Sargassum kelp is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet due to its high concentration of auxins and cytokinins. Seaweed Plus promotes plant growth at the time of establishment, throughout the life of the plant, and assists in the endurance of environmental stress.

• Stimulates additional plant growth
• Offsets the effects of pests and disease
• Improves drought and salt tolerance
• Improves cold tolerance
• Enhances photosynthesis

Part of the HydroSoil premium product range being brought to Western Australian gardeners by Sabrina Hahn. These products bring years of scientific research and knowledge to specifically address the unique demands of WA soils.