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Soil Solver

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Soil Sover is used to transform Perth’s Coastal Plain sand into moisture holding soil.

Soil Solver is friable and easy to blend into sand. Simply mix into the garden sand, along with well a matured compost. We recommend you mix these through an area at least twice as wide and twice as deep as the plant’s pot.  Once mixed, plant your plant and mulch over the top. You will immediately see the difference in texture, and moisture content.

Use Soil Solver to permanently change the structure of the sandy, water repellent soil by adding the natural kaolin clay and silts. After that you only need a small amount of compost as food for the plants each year. Clay and silt helps the garden to thrive during hot summers and prevents the soil leaching nutrients by slowing down the rate that water moves down through the soil profile so that nutrients stay close to the roots where the plants are able to easily access it.