Seasol Seaweed Concentrate

Available in:
500mL – Makes up to 225L

1L – Makes up to 450L

4L – Makes up to 1800L



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Seasol is an Australian product which assists the maintenance of balanced plant nutrition.

It is made from 100% organic extract of Kelp seaweed and naturally contains plant essential compounds and growth stimulants. It is a plant tonic and technically not a fertiliser in that it contains virtually no nitrogen or phosphorus. Plant tonics work differently to fertilisers and provide benefits fertilisers can’t.

Seasol provides positive outcomes for feeder root growth, flowering and fruit set, improved plant health and climactic resistance and improved resistance to pests and diseases. It is excellent in reducing transplant shock and encouraging stronger root systems. The natural compounds in Seasol aid nutrient uptake, making applied fertilisers more effective.