Rhubarb – Ever Red


Rheum rhabarbarum – Ever Red

180mm pot

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Rhubarb is a cool season herbaceous perennial. Ever Red is one of the sweetest rhubarb varieties, and produces vibrant red stems all year round, provided it receives enough water.

Growing Conditions: Plant in an open, sunny position. Requires a rich, well drained soil, enriched with well rotted animal manure and compost.

Size: 1-2m

Use: Harvest stalks after 4-5 years, being careful not to harvest more than half the stalks from the plant at any one time. Pull, rather than cut stalks to harvest.  Cook rhubarb stalks before eating. Delicious baked into pies and crumbles, paired with apple and ginger. Leaves are poisonous and should not be eaten.