Organic Gardening Bible


Organic Gardening Bible

Successful growing the natural way

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Bob Flowerdews Organic Gardening Bible is a comprehensive and invaluable guide to gardening in a more natural, sustainable and pleasurable way. Bob has been gardening organically for over 30 years he knows all there is to know and he packs this book with advice, top tips, the best varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables and more, in a typically no-nonsense, practical and anecdotal way.

He explains how to get rid of pests and diseases but encourage beneficial wildlife, how to manage weeds, how to grow for flavour and quality using the easiest means and how to plan your garden so that it looks beautiful and runs efficiently throughout the year. Bobs enthusiasm filters through every page, making organic gardening the only practical and effective way to garden. This book is a must for organic gardening novices and experts alike.

Author:  Bob Flowerdews