Olive – Sevillano (Queen of Spain)


Olea europaea “Sevillano”

4lt pot


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Olive trees are a very hardy fruit tree well suited to Perth’s Mediterranean climate. With silvery-green leaves and a dense evergreen canopy they make a perfect ornamental tree and are very useful for screening. Suitable for coastal conditions. A very long lived tree that can be a moderate grower when young but slows down with age. The small creamy white flowers are produced in late spring followed by the fruit. Can be grown in large pots successfully. Best in full sun.

Also known as Queen of Spain. Produces large olives suitable for pickling. Low oil content means it is unsuitable for oil production.

Fruit : Large, green turning black when ripe. Slightly speckled.

Flesh: Light green turning purple/black when ripe.

Possible Pollinators: Fruit production can increase if planted with “Manzanillo”.