Native Mulberry (Pipturus argenteus) – Bush Tucker


Pipturus argenteus ‘Native Mulberry’ 

175 mm pot

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Fast growing shrub or small tree, native to south-eastern subtropical Queensland. The small white translucent looking fruits are soft and juicy, with a sweet and delicate flavour. Fruit may vary in taste and texture. Flowers are produced from January to June, while the fruit ripens from May to July. Plants are either Male or Female, it is recommended to plant multiple trees to ensure a mixture of both.

The leaves, roots and sap have been recorded to have been used in traditional medicine, whereas the bark was used  for textiles and cordage. Host plant for many butterfly species.

Can reach up to 3-8 m high but is easily kept pruned to reduce height. Ideal as a hedge. Best grown in protected positions in full to part sun, with well-drained soil. Prefers an evenly moist soil without long periods of dry, but can recover well with a heavy prune. Dislikes frost.