Lavender – Razzleberry Ruffles





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Height 70cm
Spread 70cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant

Botanical Name: LAVINNOVA® pedunculata Razzleberry Ruffles

Variety Profile


This outstanding new addition to the ever popular Lavender Ruffles Collection, has deep pink coloured flower wings which sit just above the grey/green foliage. The
low maintenance, tight mounding habit and incredible flower performance make L. ‘Razzleberry Ruffles’ an excellent choice for containers on decks and entertaining areas. The superb garden performance of L.‘Razzleberry Ruffles’ is equally as impressive.

  • Compact, neat habit with large flower wings
  • Long flowering and highly ornamental
  • Distinctive ruffled flower heads
  • Dry tolerant once established and requires minimal maintenance
  • Main flowering from late winter through spring


Cultural Care


Plant in full sun in well-draining soil. Low water requirements once established, needing occasional deep watering in extended periods of heat. Apply a slow release fertiliser and trim to about two-thirds its size in late summer to maintain shape and vigour.


Plant Uses


  • Fragrance and colour for entertaining areas
  • Ideal for small garden spaces or containers
  • Informal borders and hedges
  • Attracts pollinators to garden