Large Leaf Tamarind (Diploglottis australis) – Bush Tucker


Diploglottis australis ‘Large Leaf Tamarind’ 

175 mm pot

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Slender tree native to temperate and subtropical regions along the eastern coast of Australia. The creamy brown flowers form in Spring and are followed by fleshy, orange-yellow and sour fruit. Can be eaten raw or processed into jams, jellies, sauces, candies and drinks. When ripe, the fruit falls to the ground and should be harvested promptly, as it is a favourite of ants, birds and four legged visitors.

Grow in full sun to part shade but must be in a sheltered position from the strong winds and frost. Tolerant to a wide range of soil types and pH but prefers a moist soil year round. Can reach up to 8 m high but easily can be maintained smaller with pruning. Large velvety leaves can make for an interesting foliage plant.