Iron Fairies


Fairies are magical, mythical creatures said be a product of a vivid imagination….or are they real and come from deep within the earth to live at the bottom of the garden?

To find out for yourself, you need to adopt an Iron Fairy and take it home!

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The Iron FairiesTM were created by West Australian artist and designer Ashley Sutton. He once worked deep in a mine and longed to escape the monotony, tedium and gloom of his workplace. He created a fairy tale underground world to set his spirit free.
He imagined that deep beneath the garden’s ground, there was a labyrinth of hidden tunnels full of grumpy little old miners. They had been living in a world of darkness for hundreds of years.
Using a precious red ore, the miners created an exquisite range of little iron fairies to represent areas of the garden above. Once a fairy was crafted, she was wrapped in cloth and taken to the gardens under the cover of darkness. There she waited for the sun to rise, to awaken her and set her free.