ee-i-ee-i-o Hot Air Balloon


ee-i-ee-i-o Handmade recycled Hot Air Balloon.  Two sizes available:

Small (33 x 33 x 85 cm)

Large (42 x 42 x 104 cm)




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With drainage holes in the base, the baskets can be used to hold plants and flowers or place a candle in the basket to give the appearance of a proper hot air balloon!

Add some colour and fun to your garden with My Piece of Africa’s whimsical sculptures!

Derived 100% from 44 Gallon drums and sealed with an industrial varnish the EE-i-EE-i-O sculpture is fun and a fresh look at recycling. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Please note as these are handmade from recycled materials colours will vary from piece to piece.