Eco Oil Insecticide


Eco Oil

Available in:
750mL Ready to use spray bottle
500mL Concentrate with easy to use measure



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Eco oil is an organic insecticide and miticide derived from plant oils and contains no petroleum. It controls a wide range of pests including scale, aphid, citrus leafminer, whitefly and two-spotted mite. It is safe for beneficial insects and has no withholding period.

What sets Eco oil apart from other oil-based insecticides is its revolutionary formula which attracts beneficial insects to help get your garden’s ecosystem back into balance.

The formula replicates the organic compounds released as part of the natural defense mechanisms of plants. These compounds act as signals to let beneficial insects know that tasty snacks are on nearby plants, calling to arms lacewings, ladybugs and hoverflies which feast on nasty pests.

Part of the Eco-Organic Range.