Card – Malangbula


Stunning Indigenous designs created for you from fine artworks by renowned artist Saretta Fielding.

All the cards are made in Australia, include envelopes. Cards are blank on the inside and feature details about the artwork & full story on the back of the card.

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Malangbula – Two Together (Swansea Heads)

This artwork tells the story of The Petrified Women of Swansea Heads.   The two upright rock-forms found at the channel entry into Nikinba (Lake Macquarie) at Swansea Heads, were once women turned to stone, after getting into trouble from an Awabakal warrior. The women became protectors of the nearby burial sites of their ancestors and of the Awabakal people, as they kept watch for any coming danger. When they saw strange ships or creatures coming from the sea, the women would return to human form and warn the people of any dangers.