Burdekin Plum (Pleiogynium timorense) – Bush Tucker


Pleiogynium timorense ‘Burdekin Plum’ 

Regular – 175mm pot

Semi Advanced – 200mm pot



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Australian rain-forest native that produces edible, pump acidic fruit. Although a rain-forest plant it can also found in the wild growing amongst sand dunes behind mangroves and in drier areas long the north eastern coast. Small yellowish green flowers are produced during late summer into autumn, followed by the fruit which ripens during the winter months.

Fruit is large, black and round with a large stone. Once the fruit is removed from the tree it needs to be ripened further for a few days to soften and become less acidic. Can be eaten when ripe either raw, made into jams or fermented into wine.

Prefers a sunny but protected position in well-drained soil enriched in organic matter. Relatively drought tolerant but prefers regular watering when dry and a good layer of organic mulch. Can tolerate the occasional light frost. Grows up to 12 m high by 6-8 m wide.