Beneficial Insect Lure


Beneficial Insect Lure

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Employ nature’s army to control those unwanted pests!

Beneficial insects such as lacewings, hover flies. predatory bugs, predatory mites and predatory beetles are the good guys in your garden. They naturally predate of some of the nasty pests which can do damage to your precious plants. They eat and destroy the adults, eggs and larvae of mealybugs, thrips, spider mites, caterpillars and aphids, helping to keep pest populations under control without the use of pesticides

The lure uses a wide range of pheromones to attract the good guys in to your garden, where they can set to work searching for their dinner.
The lure will last for 30 days and does not wash off with rain or irrigation. Simply remove the lure from the foil pack and hang in a tree. It will cover a range of approx 40 sqm.
Use when you notice pest populations on the rise, particularly as the spring months begin to warm up.

Store the lure at below 5’C until ready to use.