Albizia – Pink Silk Tree


Albizia julibrissin – Pink Silk Tree”

Regular – 140mm pot

Semi advanced – 200mm pot

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The Albizia julibrissin has a moderate growth rate with a broad vase – shaped habit. Masses of showy pink flowers in summer. It will flower less in cooler climates.  A tough tree with a delicate appearance it will tolerate  and adaptable tree especially in the temperate to sub – tropical areas.  Suited to a wide range of soil types but will thrive in a well composted soil.

Height: 5m

Width: 4m

Growth Rate: Moderate

Foliage: Rich green, feathery bipinate leaves that fold up at night. Yellow to rusty brown in autumn

Bark: Greyish – brown

Flowers: Small flowers with long showy pink stamens in summer.

Flower Colour: Pink

Tolerances: Moderate drought, moderate saline soils, strong winds, heat, range of soil pH