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How to Store and Preserve Your Garden Produce

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Fresh produce is a joy: crunchy lettuce, sun-warmed tomatoes, juicy berries – their flavours are immediate – but a winter of those summer flavours preserved, now that’s a feeling of satisfaction. Abundance therefore is the bible to guide you through growing, bottling, drying, fermenting, freezing, jamming and pickling your garden bounty so you can store and preserve its incredible flavours all the year though. There are recipes for Raspberry Jam and Ploughman’s Chutney, Summer Cordials and Pestos, plus also Fruit Leathers and Kale Crisps; Herb Vinegar, Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Tabasco; plus a Marrow and Ginger Jam and Damson Cheese. If you are aiming to achieve a little more self-sufficiency (and save some money at the same time), this book is the answer.

Author:  Alys Fowler

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